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IV CachiruloTalks: SEO & PPC Searching the lost traffic

Today I attended to the IV CachiruloTalks: SEO & PPC. En busca del tráfico perdido organized for Cachirulo Valley.

I enjoyed so much with the talk. Both speakers, Ricardo Tayar and Jesús Barón has been impressive sharing his know how with Cachirulo community.

Like abstract, I extracted this key points:

Ricardo Tayar:

  • In other countries exists more alternatives, but in Spain Google is the only one search engine.
  • Interesting graphic cheatsheet, "How Google works". (I'll look for the keynote to attach this document).
  • The traffic or demand is finit and we can reach to finish it, specially if is a specialized niche.
  • Estructure, content, links, hosting, domains, social media, speed and performance, http requests, titles, etc. are so important
  • Big sites wins! 5 pages sites with 50.000 visits/day is imposible.
  • The diference of ratio conversion (clicks) between the first and the tenth result is too big.
  • Panda algoritm eats low quality content sites!
  • Penguin is a new algoritm that penalizes the artificial estructures of links pointing to your site.
  • SEO is than important as PPT, don't underestimate it! Both are complementaries. This is a question of balance.
  • Bibliography: "Modern Information Retrieval", Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Jesús Barón:

  • SEM, Search Engines Marketing is natural positioning + payment positioning.
  • PPC, payment positioning and pay per clicks.
  • The payment zone in the results pages has grown and gaining prominence. Especially in certain search terms too raced. For example.- "Hotels in Boston"
  • When SEO is too difficult, SEM is possible. For example.- "Little nice hostel in little village in Arizona". An example that usually have few pages.
  • Positions are auctioned, for this, is weighted some parameters, If I rich or poor, I'm doing it well or wrong, etc.
  • In PPC is necessary to select the traffic and limit it so well. Is meaningless to pay for too generic words.
  • Not all the traffic have the same conversion ratio.
  • Segmentation (this save costs, is true):

    • Key words
    • By geographic area
    • Temporally
    • By language
    • By device
  • We can make specific landing pages for specifics searches that we know or we think they have so much traffic.
  • The analytic is too important.
  • The positioning takes time and effort.Última-cara-visualizada-29.jpg

HI and welcome to my personal blog “CSSamurai”

Hi guys,  welcome to my personal blog "CSSamurai". This is my first post in my first blog. Isn't a too big step for humanity but almost is a giant step for me.

For longly time blogging has been a scary and intimidant task for me, today I decided do it. And like whole the content in my personal website, I decided make it only in english. I know, my english isn't too polish as I would like . But I think in english, I can help to much more people than spanish. In this way I will practice my english, and I believe this fact help me to rise up my level. I don't mind to write too  long posts. On the contrary, I hope write some tiny ideas, tiny fool ideas, short tutorials, tips and references to other interesting content I go to find in my favorites sites and friend's stuff.

Today, for example, I will post an abstract of the  IV CachiruloTalk from Cachirulo Valley

I hope for that people who visit and read my posts, find them useful.

Thank you and welcome again.


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